Bristol CC Outdoor Education Centre situated in the village of Parkend in The Forest of Dean

Friday 7 March 2014

General Update March 14

Spring is here! The sun is out and so are the daffodils.

Do you remember struggling to open the old back yard gate? No more - we now have a nice new one with a split opening for easy pedestrian access.
No more washing up hot chocolate mugs in the evening. Use our new dishwasher in the Student Kitchen

We've just spent £8K on renewing and upgrading elements on our High Challenge Course. New round beams have been put up for our Jacob's Ladder to replace the square profile ones we had before. The spacings have also been changed to offer more progression to this team challenge as you get higher. We'll be interested to find out how our groups get on and up.

Last week we ran a very successful INSET training day for teachers looking at numeracy and literacy in the outdoors, alongside other cross curricular learning outcomes.
Above a group of teachers replay a video of a successful 'Leap of Faith'

Despite poor weather the group immersed themselves in a variety of activities with enthusiasm. Above a 'circular mapping' exercise with cross curricular themes and outcomes. The day was supported by 3 Bristol CC School Improvement Officers, including DFSC's line manager below, in our Tunnel System


Delegate feedback on the course was all very positive some of which is quoted below:

I had a fantastic day in a fantastic setting. There are plenty of meaningful learning opportunities that will benefit all children in a holistic way. I would recommend visiting Dean Field to any primary school looking to provide a memorable experience for their children.
Shaun Hartnell, Yr 3 Teacher, Westbury-on-Trym Academy

An engaging, collaborative day that built/developed strong relationships, confidence and team building skills. A day that opened my eyes to how powerful and effective the outdoor learning environment can be!

Emma Robinson, St George C of E Primary

I was really impressed with the centre’s depth of knowledge about how to use their resources to develop cross-curricular learning, emotional development and children’s learning skills. A huge deal of thought has gone into the provision and how teachers could be supported to use it with their own classes. Overall I am extremely impressed with the centre and can’t wait to bring children here myself!

Joe Cook, Hannah More Primary

Fantastic place! Love the problem solving activities. I will definitely be trying these in my school. Great bunch of people with outstanding staff! Fantastic experience! Can’t wait to come back!

Emily Ball, New Fosseway Special School

A fantastic day which gave a wealth of ideas for literacy, numeracy and ICT. Also showed how many outcomes can be met through one activity.
Leanne Wilding, Fonthill

Thanks for a great day! It provided me with opportunities to experience the activities my class could benefit from if we came here and plenty of cross- curricular links with our curriculum which we could focus on here. It has also made me reconsider the values and emphasis we put on our curriculum and children’s learning and how learning outdoors could develop far more skills and emotional literacy than a classroom can! I’ll be back!

Claire Carpenter, Fonthill, Southmead



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