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Thursday 4 October 2012

Classroom Redevelopment Part 2

Construction of our new classroom is due to start in a couple of weeks. The project has taken nearly four years of planning and preparation to reach this stage. Firstly we had to finance it and this has been achieved completely from the Centre's resources. We first sold the 'Warden's House' which was next door to the Centre and surplus to requirements. This provided half of the capital required. Then over the last four years we put aside some of our revenue each year to make up the surplus to finance the project.

Plans for our new classroom

The building has been designed to reflect the environmental values we teach at the Centre. It is going to be made of timber and constructed similar to a log cabin. It will have superior insullation with U-Values <0.16. Heating will be provided by a wood pellet boiler. There will be a wild flower living roof and a raised deck at the front covered by a canopy which will provide a good place to eat lunch. An even better view of the Centre Grounds will be had from a viewing area on the roof! The building itself will be used as an environmental activity by students learning about sustainability and the environment. Various orientation displays and 'peep through' features in this 'eco' building will allow students to discover more about its susatinability. 

 Inside the building there will be room  to seat our usual maximum group size of 70 staff and students. The room will be able to set out either lecture style or classroom and tables style. One third of the main working area will be able to be divided with a sliding wall partition to create a separate meeting room. When opened up it will provide a presentation end allowing data projection etc. There will be a kitchen, toilet areas including disabled and baby change and good storage rooms. Large doors and glazing open directly on to the deck allowing free low from inside to outside.

Above: Photo of a similar style of building constructed by our contractor Cabinco

We are very excited about the build and are look forward to using it with schools from February 2013. We will show progress on this Blog and provide further information over the coming weeks.

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