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Friday 10 February 2012

Staff Training for Work With Disabled Students

Well we picked a rather chilly day to do some staff training with our Instructors! The aim of the day was to try out different systems for enabling disabled students to go down the Zipwire and to also get high and have a swing on the Ropes Course.

After consultation with experts in the field and a bit of experimentation, we have adapted a paraglider harness to offer additional head support. Yes, if you look closely the head restraint is actually an adapted car booster seat! The result is we can offer a more comfortable experience for the profoundly disabled where a normal full body harness does not offer the necessary support and comfort.

 We then used a 10:1(?) hoisting system to be able to lift a person up high. Using this method one person can haul a person single handed. Once they are off the ground we can then also turn it into a giant swing!

We also experimented with the idea of using the whole group to pull a person up.

Heading back inside to warm up with a cup of tea we then had useful discussions about various other techniques, risk assessments and ways of working with students on all the other High Challenges we offer.

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