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Wednesday 11 January 2012

Contacting The Dark Side of the Moon!

Our guests soon discover on their first visit here that they won't be disturbed by their mobile phone going off. In terms of mobile phone reception we are on the 'dark side of the moon' and their is no network coverage in the building and it is necessary to go at least half a mile to get a signal. This is often viewed positively by visiting teachers as it means students won't be texting and social networking online in the middle of the night etc. The 'digital divide' helps preserve some of the values and behaviours of the past and students spend time talking to one another face to face and even interacting through traditional board games etc. We do have a payphone available, that also takes incoming calls, if it becomes appropriate to phone home, but this is often discouraged by visiting staff.

Until now we have also not had internet availability for visiting staff outside office hours. This however has now changed. I am pleased to announce that we have now installed a dedicated computer in the lounge by the 'visiting staff corner' which has internet capability. You will be able to update the school website with photos etc. in the evenings and check e-mail as required. We hope to in the future to connect it to an interactive whiteboard allowing it to also be used as a teaching resource. Of course if you want to continue to escape computers and social networking etc. for a week then you can always leave it switched off! Continue telling people you are in the Forest of Dean - on 'the dark side of the moon!' Other than this blog post we won't tell them you're now contactable!

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