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Tuesday 26 July 2011

New Visiting Staff Dining Table

As those who have stayed with us will know, Denise, Karen and Jane, our wonderful cooks pictured above, always go that extra mile to look after you. We were finding that with the large portions of roast dinner they serve up that on the visiting staff dining table there wasn't a lot of room for it all when we had lots of visiting staff. We've therefore bought a nice new wooden dining table for visiting staff which is a little wider than the standard student variety and has extra room for heaving dishes of roast potatoes and vegetables etc. In fact there's even enough room that the cooks have been making some meals even more special with flowers or candles!

Our cooks also of course make sure the children are very well looked after. The top photo reminds me how they make a special fuss of any student who has a birthday while they are with us. So a reminder to visiting staff to let us know if there are any birthdays and we will make a cake, put the candles on and get the banners out.

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