Bristol CC Outdoor Education Centre situated in the village of Parkend in The Forest of Dean

Saturday 6 April 2013


For the last year we've been planning to build a roundhouse in the Centre Garden. It will provide a great shelter for Forest Tots - the Outdoor Parent and Toddler Group who visit every Friday - see Blog post March 12. We also intend to use it as a shelter when running bushcraft sessions. 

So How Do You Make a Roundhouse?:

1: Find someone who is an expert at making roundhouses - Tony Wrench

2:  Recruit lots of enthusiastic people who want to learn how to build a roundhouse. Provide warm and comfortable accommodation for them.

3: Source lots of wood. The majority of our wood was sourced within 50 metres of the build site. Additional wood came from the offcuts from a local sawmill and also scrap wood from the classroom build.

4: Mix ingredients 1-3 together.

6: Simmer on a low heat - averaging 3 degrees Centigrade! for 5 days

7: At this point you will have got the skelton of a roundhouse - a wooden henge and reciprocal frame roof.

8: Rest for two days so that you are ready to continue with renewed vigour

9: Clad the roof leaving a hole for light that you later cover with a recycled van windscreen to keep out the rain.

10: Cover with old carpet and then a waterproof membrane before cutting turfs 20 metres away to put on as a living roof.

11: Mix a cob from clay, sand and water to bind the log round wall together.

12: Add some magic in the form of recycled bottles that glow in the sunlight.

13: And put in a few port holes at toddler height made from old washing machine doors.

14: Feel a sense of satisfaction with a job well done.

15: Have an opening ceremony the next day with one of the main user groups - Forest Tots and find out what they think about your wonderful creation.

16: Well we think that's a thumbs up from the toddlers.

17: What a fantastic achievement from a great bunch of people in only two weeks that will give great enjoyment to many people for many years to come.


  1. démentiel, mais que de monde, mais ça donne envie d'en réaliser une pour y travailler la vannerie. BRAVO

  2. Very very nice but I worry the old carpet could foster mold growth harmful to the toddlers?