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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Roundhouse Receives International Acclaim!

The new Roundhouse has now been used by Forest Tots for the last two Fridays. It was particularly popular on Fri 12th April when a very heavy shower of rain had people scampering inside to keep dry.

Both Fridays new parents and toddlers have turned up for the first time and the Forest Tots organisers are planning for a busy summer. If the weather's anything like last summer they will certainly be glad of the roundhouse to shelter in at times.

The local paper (The Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Review) featured a nice 1/2 page article in last weeks edition and the Forest Tots Facebook page has been going viral with comments about the roundhouse with 'likes' being posted in America and other countries.

Tony Wrench, the Roundhouse Course Trainer, has just put a video up on YouTube about how to build a roundhouse that features our roundhouse. So if you want more information about how to build a roundhouse than shown in our last Blog post then have a look:


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