Bristol CC Outdoor Education Centre situated in the village of Parkend in The Forest of Dean

Wednesday 10 February 2021


We have a new Logo for the Centre to add to our badges of accreditations etc. when providing publicity etc. See top left above. It reflects the excitement and achievement of young people and the fact that we are based in a forest.
Above is our latest You Tube film with Ian Healey, the Centre Manager, explaining about the courses we are presently offering during the pandemic. Whilst schools are in operation we can deliver day visits at the Centre and in schools themselves.
Despite cold weather as this is written, the first signs of Spring around the corner are already with us and the garden already has some flowers. Over the Autumn we have planted 90m of hedging + some new fruit trees and bushes - cherry, apple, blueberry and Tayberry. 

We have also been upgrading many of our activities including the ever popular 'Island Crossing' team challenge that we have now renamed 'Crocodile Swamp'
We have plenty more exciting new developments to share with you in the Spring, including news about our new Low Ropes Course presently in development.


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