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Wednesday 12 November 2014

DFSC Autumn 2014 Update

Peer Mentor Training & Yr 7 Induction

At the start of the term we piloted a new course at a large secondary school. In the morning we worked with 36 Yr 10/11's and trained them up as Peer Mentors. 2 students that showed particular aptitude were invited to take on an overall leadership role. In the afternoon the Yr 10/11 students greeted 90 Yr 7 Students and ran an afternoons team building course for them. They organised the whole event, from briefing the Yr 7's to reviewing the outcomes at the end of the day, without any additional adult interventions.

The Yr 10/11's were brilliant at Peer Mentoring the Yr 7's and gained a great deal from their role while the Yr 7's had a wonderful time problem solving team challenges and getting to know each other a lot better. The students were all funded to participate in this event through pupil premium funding and it was deemed a great success. The school wanting to extend the event next year to benefit even more students.  

With this pilot having gone so well we are keen to offer the format to other schools. The Peer Mentoring - Yr 7 Induction works as a 'win win' with rewarding and beneficial outcomes for each set of students. Costs are minimised as the older students are effectively staffing the whole afternoon event for 90 or more Yr 7's and by bringing it to the school there are no transport costs and time on task is completely maximised.
 Jane Completes New Catering Qualification:

Meanwhile back at the Centre Jane our Cook-in-Charge has completed a new NVQ qualification in Catering Management. 

Jane is also happy with the new freezer and new fridge we have recently acquired. These are now all handily positioned in a line in the kitchen.
The staff shower on the second floor has just been completely refurbished and will be noticed by visiting staff but less noticeable is the over £6K of renewed heating pipework and radiators. These sort of important investments often don't get noticed but ensure you have a trouble free comfortable stay.


We have also taken delivery of a new bed for our disabled suite with electronic controlling for various mororised configuarations!

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