Bristol CC Outdoor Education Centre situated in the village of Parkend in The Forest of Dean

Thursday 3 October 2013

General Update

Do you remember the heatwave during the Summer 2013? Our wildflower meadow roof turned to hay. It provided 5 bags of hay for Debbie's Guinea Pigs but we did wonder if the grass and flowers would ever grow back.

Well it's looking nice and green again now and is even growing mushrooms!

As this Blog shows, we are constantly developing things at DFSC and getting new things for our groups to have and use. We always ask for feedback and ideas at the end of a course from teachers and leaders but we've now installed a Suggestions Box in the entrance lobby that students can also add ideas to.

We look forward to hearing their suggestions and have already implemented one - buying a digital thermometer for staff to use when they suspect a child may have developed a temperature.

Please let us know if you have any good ideas to make a popular activity programmes or comfortable residential accommodation etc. even better.

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